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The moment I laid eyes on Makayla Hawkins, I felt it in my gut. A spark of desire, igniting a burning need inside me that I hadn’t felt in years.

I wanted her.

She had the face of an angel, and a body made for sin.

She was a temptress. A forbidden fruit.

And I wanted a taste.

Such a shame she belonged to another man.

One who didn’t deserve her.

But after a simple phone call, she was mine for the taking.

From the moment she stepped inside my club, I knew one night would never be enough.

I was consumed.

She was addicted.

I was her fantasy.

She was my obsession.

MR Bad Influence

One year. That was how long it took to plan the wedding of my dreams, from the dress all the way down to the shoes.

It wasn’t until the shoes went missing that I discovered the man I was supposed to marry in twenty-four hours wasn’t the man I thought he was.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go according to plan. That’s why my mom told me to always have a backup.

So I called off the wedding and flew to Vegas with my girls.

It was supposed to be a weekend getaway to nurse my broken heart.

Waking up married to hot billionaire, Cooper Sullivan, was definitely not part of the plan.

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